Unboxing Crystal Magic #1

I. love. gifts. from. nature. Yes, I know that my punctuation isn’t grammatically correct over to the left – but I like it. I love plants, I love crystals and rocks, and I love bringing all the things that light me up in to my home to help keep me lit up like a Christmas […]

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Cancer Eclipse

This week we get a Full Moon to play with (yay!) and it’s also an eclipse. During this time, here at the beginning of 2020 – it’s rather important to clear our heads and get clear in our hearts. Have you taken your energetic temperature yet? Where are you in your self doubt, self talk, […]

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Shadow: EntropyGift: FreshnessSiddhi: Beauty The 1st Gene Key hides the greatest secret of duality.  I have the 1st hexagram within my Human Design chart. I actually have the full channel 8-1 but this key doesn’t show up in my actual hologenic profile (no biggie). Shadow of 1st Key: Entropy – a simple definition provided in […]

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Shadow of Failure — Gift of Preservation — Siddhi of Veneration October 14 – October 20, 2019 The greatest fear of humanity lives here in this 32nd Gene Key.  Fear of failure has a deep biological root passed down from our ancestors – though their fears manifested differently.  As a species, we have collective fears, […]

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Gene Key 48

Transiting October 3rd – October 8th Programming Partner is the 21st Gene Key. Fall is in the air, even here in the South now. The senses are all being impacted – familiar scents, sounds, textures, tastes, colors and more as Autumn rolls in with purpose. Purpose. Don’t we all tend to roll in with new […]

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