About Meg

We are born with a purpose – we choose this purpose before birth and chances are that – through the conditioning of your life – you forgot what that purpose is. 

The power and the knowledge that it takes to tap into your authenticity is within you already – you just need to remember how to access it and live through it.   I am a successful career woman and leader in the “corporate world”.  I lead by inspiration and providing the resources needed to contribute to the success of my team and organization.  I did not get to where I am by needing to control others, but rather, by uplifting them and reminding them of their talents, encouraging them to switch perspectives and look at new ways of trying things.

I am so much more than a career woman though – I am a human with desires, needs, a fiery passion, and a big heart for other people.  I thrive in the “unconventional” and the non-traditional ways of life.  I have always been one to look for the alternative and embrace all the differences in the world .   My relationships with other humans are no exception to this.

I was raised by two loving parents and some of the most amazing grandparents a child could ever ask for.  I went to church with one of my grandmas fairly regularly and had a strong faith into something bigger at work behind the scenes of the life I witnessed all around me.   I felt something at work, the energies surrounding everyone who united in faith of an everlasting life, I felt connected to a high power that would guide me to living a life of freedom and peace.   Church was only a thing I experienced with my grandmother – my parents and other extended family members did not attend church and in many cases did not believe in what church offered.

I would leave the church life and return many times throughout my adolescence and find myself venturing into many different types of church to understand why there were so many versions of it.  I attended a Catholic church, Baptist church, Church of Latter Day Saints, Church of Christ, and more before I realized that at the end of the day – they all represented the love of a higher power.

It would take until I had my second son, before I would experience a new awakening – a new understanding of this energetic power working around us.

I became aware of new energies, new feelings when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I tried church again and could not connect any longer.  It was several months later, when I found myself in the streets of New Orleans with some of my most favorite people that I began to feel energies that I had never felt before.

I began to release the need to control the outcomes of the situations around me, began to break free from the expectations and conditioning that my life had placed on me.  I had a new thirst for knowledge and new ways of seeing and doing things, a new way of seeing and understanding the people around me.

I began to shift from a drama-filled life into a more consciously aware vibration and opened the channel to attract the right people into my life. 

I connected with my inner power and now operate in higher vibrations, I stopped trying to wait for change to happen and started initiating the changes I wanted to see and experience.  I set boundaries, enforced them, transitioned through my shadows and moved into a state of enlightenment, accessing the gifts that I forgot that I had as a child.

To the embarrassment of my family, as a very young child, I would attempt to heal complete strangers in the grocery store – I would try to lay hands on them and remind them the power of love, the power of source!   I would stand in the yard and “preach” and talk to what appeared to be nothing but trees, grass, and cars driving down the street.   I was deeply connected and in alignment until I became a product of my conditioning, my environment, where I let that all go back into hibernation and stay dormant until just a few years ago.

At 30 years old I began to make contributions to others in my world using my unique gifts and energy.

I explored my true purpose in life, I trusted that there are bigger forces supporting me, my dreams, and my transitions in life.  If you, too, are ready to embrace your shadows and work through them to achieve a new state of enlightenment and work with your own unique gifts – you have my unwavering support and love.

When you know and understand your shadows – you come closer to being your authentic self – one whose energies and vibrational frequencies evolve higher and higher through the power of self-acceptance.  The inner process takes time and requires patience, courage, and an open mind, as it is not is a process to rebirth the authentic you, to transform your shadows into your gifts.

I am deeply proud of the transitions I have accomplished through being both the student and the teacher.

Dogma, the pecking order in which authority and social status thrive and rules, are not in my belief system — I believe in what is true, I believe in the power of unconditional love and the personal power we ALL possess.  I don’t judge, hand out orders, or tell you who you should or should not be. I will simply be, and ask that in return you honor your authentic self and gifts so that together we can create shifts in the world around us.