Shadow of Failure — Gift of Preservation — Siddhi of Veneration

October 14 – October 20, 2019

The greatest fear of humanity lives here in this 32nd Gene Key.  Fear of failure has a deep biological root passed down from our ancestors – though their fears manifested differently.  As a species, we have collective fears, our communal fears and of course individual fears.

It seems that a large part of our insecurities to survive as a species is rooted in how much money we have and our unexplainable need to always compete.  Our minds are the reactors to this shadow and if we do not tune into the power of our minds it can and will turn against us in matters of internal peace. 

Think about how competition and greed has taken over more and more through the years as humans refuse to succumb to failure – but then that sparks the question of what defines this failure we run from?  Is it societal fears of not having enough money or status?  Is it conditional based on your upbringing and old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore? Or is it an individual fear of your own that come up from past experiences? 

How often we forget that all of life moves in a cosmic divine pattern.  When we choose to raise our vibrations and consciousness out of the depths of fear of failure – we tend to find exactly what we needed to move forward in our path – we find that the support we need is right where we need it. 

Does your fear of failure come through as reactive or repressive? 
Do you find that you are rather rigid and tight as a form of conservatism – to prevent your worst case scenario from happening? 
Are you slowing shutting yourself off from support and isolating yourself away from the big bad scary world around you?

Or perhaps maybe you  find yourself angry because you can’t see the support around you – that you are living a disjointed life with no real purpose but full of destructive patterns that can escalate and keep you further from the natural flow that leads to health, prosperity, and wisdom. 


Richard Rudd, Author of Gene Keys

The flip side of the shadow is the Gift of Preservation!  When we start seeing outside of our own stories and our own bubbles – we can embrace this gift.  We can find the ability to balance what is restraint from risk. People with restraint tend to know what to feed and keep alive and what risks are worth taking for the future and the long run.  When we are in the essence of this gift we can practice detachment better because our fear of failure isn’t vibrating through every single decision. They are preserving energy and values that will allow them  reside in consonance and unity rather than competition.  We will be able to detect  who are friends and who are foes and begin truly preserving life as a whole – seeing the choices of the past, reflecting upon them, and sifting through weaknesses and strengths allowing growth and evolution.

The Siddhi of Veneration is all that remains when fear has dissipated. You will know your place in life and can see all the pieces of you that helped you get to where you are – all the experiences and lessons that helped you along your spiral path of life.  The more we contemplate what this Siddhi of Veneration is – the more admiration and respect we will feel for all of life.

This key is with us until October 20th. Notice where it may fall within your profile, if it is within your profile. The programming partner is the 42nd Gene Key.

Do you have the Channel of Respect within your Human Design Chart (32/54)?

Shining Through the Shadows ~



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