Human Design

So what is this Human Design system, anyway?

Human Design was founded by a man named Ra Uru Hu in 1987 through a mystical encounter he experience over an 8 day period of time. Human design uses two types of science: The ancient observational systems of astrology, the I’CHing, Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, and the Kabbalist Tree of Life along with Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry. Your chart gives you your type, strategy, and Authority (body-centered intelligence) tools to help you navigate through your life and the world around you.


There are 4 Basic Types in Human Design:

Generators (70%) are the builders –their work is their gift to the world.

Projectors (20%) arethe guides –their ability to understand and guide others is their gift to the world.

Manifestors(9%) are the initiators –initiating is their gift to the world

Reflectors(1%) are the discerners –reflecting the injustices that people inflict on themselves –their ability to discern the “this from that” of the world is their gift.

Each Type has a unique way of making decision with our body consciousness. It is so important to learn what our strategies and authorities are so that we make the best possible decisions for ourselves –as every decision has an impact on in where life takes us. By understanding and following our designs and how to use our strategy and authority –we can make immediate shifts in our lives and transform how we live and our purpose in the collective.

To learn our Authentic Selves –we will be uncovering more about our “Not-Selvesor shadows” –which is conditioned programming from our life experiences that mask our authentic self. Knowing ourselves is the way to loving ourselves.

Megan HD chart

There are 9 centers that transform and transmute energy as it flows through the bodygraph. Some of us will have many centers defined (or colored in) and some of us may have few or none defined. Defined centers are fixed meaning that they project a constant and reliable energy throughout the aura that is exceptional and recognizable.

Our white or undefined centers are open to stimulation and draw us into life –to our minds there is a deep attraction to our open centers because they are not fixed and reliable –they are ever changeable. This can cause us to lose touch with our true selves because we get lost in our minds and lose focus on own unique potential –our purpose –our design.

The 9 centers are The Throat, The Head, The Root, The Anja, The Splenic Center, The Solar Plexus, The Heart Center, Sacral, and the G center. We will use these centers to honor our authorities and gain a deep understanding of our Type’s strategy.

I love digging down into the design of other Humans!  If you would like to learn more about your own individual chart – email me at or use the contact page.  I will need your birth date, time, and location.