Gene Key 57

Transiting October 9th – October 13th 2019

Programming Partner is the 51st Gene Key.

A Gentle Wind…

Shadow of Unease
Gift of Intuition
Siddhi of Clarity

Just take the very existence of our life force – it creates unease for many – the unknown creating a fear frequency.  All of shadows thrive from a place of fear.   It takes such courage to be human and ride out the many experiences.

The 57th hexagram is known as The Wind. 

What do we know about the wind? We know that it can be gentle and ever flowing and also be the very source of disaster and destruction.  It’s hurricane season at the moment and so if we tune into that energy for just a moment – we can uncover the deep fear that comes with the wind.

At one time – our ancestors functioned purely from their intuition – the cues their bodies provided – knowing when something was awry – when danger was coming.  We are far more conditioned these days to analyze everything first – to research and not listen to our intuition.  This internal battle of instinctuous behaviors and knowledge against the paranoia and pressure to justify such – can cause a deep vibrational unease within our individual bodies which in turn feeds the unease of the collective.

All around us we feel this pressure to live in the moment – be in the now – but our minds simply can’t imagine such a process.  This key effects our life the most severely during our development after conception. The nine-months we spend inside of our mother’s auric field is hard wired into our DNA as you can probably imagine.  This key along with the 51st tend to effect our ability to move past the fear of the future but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Through listening to our intuition – little by little we break free from the hamster wheel of worry. 

When our intuition is suppressed by the power of the mind – we become doubtful and hesitant.  We become trapped in our fears and the inability to make commitments. This is where we find the repressive nature of this shadow of unease.

Making instantaneous decisions upon the feelings of unease to avoid it creates the manifestation of further turmoil.  When we react to oppose what we cannot understand – we become impetuous and resist against the natural flow of life.  This is the reactive nature. 

As we move through the conflicted state  into the Gift of Intuition – we find the quality of wisdom to be unprecedented.  Fear is so uncomfortable at a deep core level within our bodies and our minds and as we break free from this deep rooted fear – we are able to link by link remove the chains that bound us.  We can tune into the feeling of fear and try to uncover where it is coming from – to understand where the anxiety is coming from.

It takes such courage to be human and stick through the inner processing and to find safety in the seemingly unsafe world around us.   Once we reach the Siddhi of Clarity – we will understand how to heal and see past weakness and strengths – to know without a doubt that everything is linked through gentleness. When we adopt the same sense of gentleness of the spirit and we collaborate with others – clarity is found and we can truly understand and embrace the nature of being.

If you haven’t yet – I recommend purchasing your own copy of Richard Rudd’s book – Gene Keys – Unlocking The Higher Purpose Hidden In Your DNA. I bought mine on Amazon – but I typically try to shop ThriftBooks, too, to find used titles at a great price!

Shining Through the Shadows ~


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