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Fundamental Exploration

We are embracing the energies of excitement once more and you know I am “back” to tapping into the magic of life, channeling my higher consciousness, enjoying the playbook that is Human Design, playing with the Shadows, the Gifts, and the Siddhis of Gene Keys, and always learning from the cosmos that is astrology and more.

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January 28th

I haven’t written on this blog since January 2020 and what better time to begin than this gorgeous and powerful Wolf Moon 2021. The Wolf Moon has been one of my favorites since I started truly following the lunar cycles. It’s also known as the “Freeze moon”, “old moon”, “great spirit moon” and a few […]

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Unboxing Crystal Magic #1

I. love. gifts. from. nature. Yes, I know that my punctuation isn’t grammatically correct over to the left – but I like it. I love plants, I love crystals and rocks, and I love bringing all the things that light me up in to my home to help keep me lit up like a Christmas […]

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Cancer Eclipse

This week we get a Full Moon to play with (yay!) and it’s also an eclipse. During this time, here at the beginning of 2020 – it’s rather important to clear our heads and get clear in our hearts. Have you taken your energetic temperature yet? Where are you in your self doubt, self talk, […]

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My years

As we near the end of this current cycle and approach the beginning of a new one on January 22nd – when the Sun moves into the 41st hexagram – I find myself in review mode. We are ending a decade and beginning a new one – so what does the make up of the […]

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