Coaching with Me

It isn’t easy to challenge the conditioning we all experience throughout our lives.  

It takes courage, guts, and tenacity to want to go against the grain and take the step into YOUR own authentic truth and out of the truth that everyone else in your life assigned to you.

We will get there, we will most likely get a little mystical (maybe even misty eyed at times), and get down and dirty.  It takes time and the true desire to shift our lives as we grow out of the version of ourselves that everyone else helped create.  We will work together to build on your own wisdom and intuition.  

All relationships deserve to be a custom fit for all parties involved – but any relationship you decide to be a part of – starts with you, uncovering your truths, your desires, your needs. I work with singles and couples either curious about or in the process of opening up their relationships and those who want to deepen their monogamous relationships. I guide and facilitate ethical and mindful relationships – created and designed to fit them.

To move back into our true authenticity – we must remember the power that we gave away in the situation’s of the past and reclaim that power, owning it fully.  Many times, we don’t shine in our authenticity because we’re hiding behind the judgment and the ridicule of others – or at least the perception that they’re judging us – allowing them to impose fear upon us.

When we’re living in our authenticity,  we quiet those other people’s voices and we become who we are – the truest version of our self.

Together we will go within, get clear on what your authentic truth is, and create a strategy to stay in alignment with it.  I hold the space for you show up with fierce authenticity, to be vulnerable, and to be courageous.

I work with individuals and couples (romantic partners, business partners, parent/child, siblings, best friends, etc).

  • Are you ready to reactivate your power?
  • Are you ready to embrace your shadows and transform them into the gifts you are meant to share with the world?
  • Are you ready to have a healthier relationship with yourself and uncover the best ways to make decisions – while analyzing and releasing the beliefs about yourself and life no longer serve you?
  • Are you ready to shift from a life of judgment, of others and of yourself, and into a life of love and oneness?
  • Are you willing to be silly, be different, and step out of the ordinary into the extraordinary?
  • Are you open to the use and work with various energetic modalities to create the shift you desire?  I use my knowledge and experience in many energetic frequencies to create shifts including Reiki, Shamanism, Human Design, Gene Keys, intuitive guidance, and more.
  • Are you looking to deepen your relationships whether it is monogamous, undefined, polyamorous, mono/poly, open marriage, etc? 

Listen within.  Notice the sensations and energies in your body. And when you are ready, reach out so we can start a conversation.   I want to hear your desires, goals, and challenges. Let’s see what’s possible and if we are a match for each other!

I take on a select few in sacred, one on one coaching partnerships at a time – in order to provide the best and energetically supportive experience possible.

The 1:1 coaching investment includes…

  • 6-17 weeks of support

  • 1 x 60 min call per week (or as scheduled/agreed upon)

  • PM access