Gene Key 48

Transiting October 3rd – October 8th

Programming Partner is the 21st Gene Key.

Fall is in the air, even here in the South now. The senses are all being impacted – familiar scents, sounds, textures, tastes, colors and more as Autumn rolls in with purpose. Purpose. Don’t we all tend to roll in with new purposes as seasons change? Sometimes they are recycled purposes – not necessarily always new territory.

The Gene Keys are all about unlocking our higher purpose – the higher purpose that flows through us, through our DNA.

During this first full month of a new season – we will experience Gene Keys 48, 57, 32, 50, 28, and the start of 44.


Shadow: Inadequacy.
Gift: Resourcefulness
Siddhi: Wisdom

Inadequacy comes in many different forms. We may experience this in our relationships, we may experience this in our careers, our sexuality, our place in the world. It’s that fear of not being enough, its a fear of not being seen, not being heard or understood.

The 48th Key reminds me of the Serenity Prayer. It comes down to accepting what we can’t change, the courage to change what we can and the wisdom to now the difference.

As humans – rarely do we truly know our true capabilities – it’s more common for us to fear our inadequacies. We have examples of greatness around us all the time in our every day life – and yet we somehow convince ourselves that we can’t do that – or do it as well and be ridiculed for it.

Stress and strife tend to bring the collective adequacies to an all time high. When there is a terrible crisis that happens close to home – when people tend to come together and work to remedy situations – we find that our strengths, our adequacies fly from us at rapid speeds without fail.

When we enter the shadow of inadequacy – we find ourselves in a fixed pattern due to the things we have told ourselves and limited our own perceptions.

On the repressive side of this shadow – we find the majority much like flamingos – their heads buried deep in the sand – too afraid to face their fears and so they are forced to experience them through the curve balls life throws.  The test is to uncover whether they will grow from such experiences or bury themselves deeper as soon as the storm passes and hope to never experience it again.

Then as there is always a repressive side to the shadow we have the reactive nature – this one is for the master manipulators of fear – angry and unable to see their own fears and create a paranoia within their environment.  This is not usually consciously done – and it’s not fair to say this nature is worse than the repressive nature – it just is. 

Areas that we tend to face inadequacy:

  • Body Image – are my breasts big enough, is my body acceptable and sexy enough
  • Money – do I make enough, do I spend too much, do I need more materialistic things to look a certain way
  • Career – Am I good enough to be promoted?  Can I do the job that is being asked of me?  Am I strong enough to terminate an employee?  Am I getting fired today?
  • Parenting, Education, and more.

As we learn to trust the flow of life – we unlock the secrets of this 48th Gift of Resourcefulness – “The light at the end of the well.” Human emotional issues are woven into this key -and it impacts children between the ages of 7 & 14 deeply. Children in this stage very much need a stable environment to grow in. They need a higher frequency dwelling and it should be known that most children are wounded in some way by their parents before they become teenagers. However – it’s important to share that as parents heal their own emotional turmoil and raise their frequencies – it is passed down through their children and on into their children as well.

As we lean more into trust of life and its ebbs and flows – we stop fearing fear as much. This doesn’t happen overnight but it’s power is noticeable and exciting to reflect upon. You start to see the light in all situations more than you see the cloudy shadows leading up to the destination of light. You will begin to tap into what it means to prosper – and become so deeply aware of what you are truly capable of.

Wisdom – “The Beyonness of Being and Not Being” – is always hanging above us. We all strive, as a tribe and species, to obtain wisdom – since the beginning of time. We all seek this intangible – yet very real aspect of being. We all hold unique wisdom deep within our very human being – our human bodies. Everything in our individual life begins with the body we arrive in and the same body with exit.

We are destined to feel inadequacy as it is the start of our journey and path into our wisdom. Once we reach this Siddhi of Wisdom – we have a deep understanding that through our bodily experiences – our actions, movements, come from the source of all rather than just an individual source.

I always highly recommend purchasing your own copy of Richard Rudd’s GENE KEY, UNLOCKING THE HIGHER PURPOSE HIDDEN IN YOUR DNA. I got my copy on Amazon for a super reasonable cost. We all take different lessons from each of the keys and . you never know where you’ll tap into some of you

Shining Through the Shadows ~


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