Shadow: Entropy
Gift: Freshness
Siddhi: Beauty

The 1st Gene Key hides the greatest secret of duality.  I have the 1st hexagram within my Human Design chart. I actually have the full channel 8-1 but this key doesn’t show up in my actual hologenic profile (no biggie).

Shadow of 1st Key: Entropy – a simple definition provided in the Gene Key book is: “A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system.  More entropy means less energy available for doing work. 

This shadow is a low frequency of numbness in a sense, of gloom – I can’t help but think of Eeyore when I think of the 1st Key’s shadow.

Polarity is necessary in life – we cannot know light without dark, sadness without happiness, shadow without the siddhi.

Entropy and creativity are played out in many ways within our universe. We often go in and out of phases of creativity and entropy – happy when we are in the midst of a creation we are passionate about and the lull of entropy when we are absent the feeling of creation.

  • It is important that we don’t try to find a cause for our entropy – as it takes the natural process of moving out of it away.  It causes resistance in a simple flow of energy. 
  • Depending on your individual genetic make-up  – you  may be more susceptible to longer periods of entropy which can lead to depression, which can occur when we are in constant resistance with the natural flow of life.

When we are in a low frequency – it can be a good sign that something is brewing up within us.  We are getting prepared for action – for creativity.  It’s beneficial not to give your moments of being lost too much mental attention but rather – patience, trust, and a leap of faith.

REPRESSIVE:  Introverted nature inevitably leads to depression.  When we are rooted in fear it is not uncommon that depression surfaces and freezes us in a low frequency energy. The longer we stay in a state of fear the deeper we sink into entropy and become physically ill, mentally ill, and spiritually ill. Only when we face the fear that pushed us into the depression can we fix it and repair the damage it caused.

REACTIVE: There is a frenetic urge to escape feelings all together in this state. Instead of moving synergetically with the entropy and being alone as needed to work through it – they surround themselves with people and activities that take up all their free time.  Their denial and refusal to accept what is going on internally –  opens them up to all types of illnesses. 


Immediately the thought of a “fresh perspective” comes to mind.  I like to think about what the shadows, Gifts, and Siddhis –  might represent before I read about them.  In most tales of how life started – the manifestations of life started with light followed by sound.   The 1st GK Gift brings light and sound together.

When we flow from the numbness of entropy what we begin to experience is new – which is why the Gift is called Freshness.  It portrays the fire of passion for something different and better – a higher frequency.  The environment is key to  Freshness blooming – a place where you are provided the safe space when you need it most.   An example is provided from Richard Rudd in the GK book –

  • Think of fresh flowers – they can bring such light and freshness to a space but we know that they will also wilt.  Just as creativity can come out of no where – so can melancholy.
  • Programming Partner is 14th Gene Key (Shadow of Compromise). We must be willing to wait through the missing creative times and embrace the rest – stay with the flow.  Be busy with creations and rest with your lulls.
  • Don’t fall into making compromises through forcing creativity to happen when it isn’t the right time.
  • We are designed to overcome the shadows so that our true sovereignty can arise from within us and we can share it with the world.
  • We are shifting seasons and it’s no coincidence that this key comes at a time when things are taking a change to rest – the trees losing their leaves, the grass dying, the days are shorter and we fall into a hibernation of sorts. 
  •  During these changes people start to feel less lively – their moods tend to change – but it’s really up to us to be conscious enough to know when to pause – when to allow these times of rest and entropy so that we can embrace the freshness of what is to come. 
  • We need to stop resisting the change, the energy shifts – to start following the cue of nature who experiences these changes with zero resistance.  Engage with what is happening in the now – and not the way you felt before – when it was spring and summer – there was a time for that energy then and now it’s time for a new energy – a new beauty.

Be a conduit for the evolution between creativity and rest periods – do not make them more than they are.  When you can move with the flow you will find yourself in a permanent state of love, beauty, and synergy.


True beauty is emptiness. Beauty lies within Unity and Unity just happens to be the 2nd GK Siddhi.  Have you noticed that when someone tries to explain “beauty” the translation is lost and misunderstood? It is said in the 1st GK that once we acknowledge the beauty of something – we have left the unity of it. 

  • Can you find the shadow state beautiful, have you tried? 
  • Nothing lies outside the unity when it comes to Beauty. 
  • Everything embodies the essence of uniqueness and yet still shares a single source. 
  • To be awakened in this Siddhi is to become an inspiration to all of humanity – to live your life as an example of what they have the potential to become.
  •  Beauty is our nature – not something we aspire to be or obtain. Frequency doesn’t exist at the siddhic level – we are united with order and love – fearless and aware of true beauty.  You lead by example – the role model for all.

Consider the following-

What can you do to add more beauty into your life?

Nothing is wrong with sadness and feeling down – it is part of life’s experience and you deserve to understand life to its fullest – Are you frenetically keeping yourself too busy to avoid dealing with emotions that are coming up for you?

What feelings have you been trying to ignore and make insignificant?  This simple act of acknowledgement can help you create a powerful shift.

Give yourself permission to feel what comes up for you and let it go as it is meant to go. Don’t force it away – but let it runs its course on its own time.

Earlier this week

I drew a card during our November Self-Reflecting Card Challenge asking the question: How can I strengthen my instincts?

Be #observant and consciously aware of #beauty in all things and situations. Point out the light when others can only see darkness – and more importantly – be the light.

Choose to perceive the beauty and your instincts will vibrate at a much higher #frequency .

Card Deck: Mystical Shaman Oracle by Albert Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, & Colette Baron-Reid.

You can follow this challenge on my YouTube channel @ http://www.ShiningThroughOurShadows.com

Shining Through the Shadows~


Source(s): Gene Keys by Richard Rudd


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