Unboxing Crystal Magic #1

I. love. gifts. from. nature. Yes, I know that my punctuation isn’t grammatically correct over to the left – but I like it.

I love plants, I love crystals and rocks, and I love bringing all the things that light me up in to my home to help keep me lit up like a Christmas tree. I will probably offer crystals in my shop in the future as I also love pairing crystals and rocks with the right people any chance that I get.

If you don’t already follow me on IG (@thebrunettebruja) or YouTube (www.ShiningThroughOurShadows.com) – do that. I uploaded a video yesterday of my unboxing 17 new crystals and rocks and share a bit about their mysticism.

Some of the crystals I share include Dendritic Agates, Violet Agates, Kombaba Jasper and more!

I am a Virgo – it’s an Earth sign – I don’t know if that is why I love all things Earthy, but I definitely do (well, there are a few bugs I prefer to keep a distance from). I have a mini jungle of plants in my home and it just seems to keep growing with no end in sight – it’s a good thing my husband also loves nature and puts up with my new crystal and plant babies. I recently brought home a new Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, new Snake Plant, Monstera Delisiosa, and a Blue Star Fern – all which are experiencing a new life with us. You can watch my repotting of Figaro (the new Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree) on my YouTube channel here.

Why I love crystals, rocks, and stones…

I feel more connected to Earth through these divine creations of colors and minerals and more. Have you watched documentaries on how some of these come to exist? There is so much at play and the time it takes to form – nothing short of majestic, to me, anyhow. I also really enjoy the metaphysical properties of the stones I bring into my life and the lives of others. You can find so much out on the web on the metaphysical properties – but sometimes I don’t align with them and use my own intuition to navigate what those may be.

*Can you see her?*
Orca or Ocean Agate is great for the Throat Chakra, works well with Virgo and perhaps Taurus energies, and I personally feel this stone connected to Neptunian energies and the water elements. The Gene Key/hexagrams I recommend using this stone with are 5, 29, 8, & even 6.

Ways that I use crystals and stones in my practice and in my spaces

Aside from lovely pieces of decoration, I use my many pieces in various ways. I like to incorporate them in multiple ways because I feel that I can get the most out of them this way. I also believe that it is important that you give them purpose. What I mean by this is that perhaps you have a piece of Lapis Lazuli and you looked it up and you found that it supports your Throat Chakra and it’s good for self-expression and empowering intuitive abilities. You may decide to give it the purpose of aiding you in speaking your truth, business meetings where you speak often, or for meditations so that as you turn inwards you are able to connect to your wisdom and intuition.

Other ways I may incorporate them into my life:

  • Wearing them as jewelry
  • Placing them on my many alters in my house and office(s)
  • Creating crystal grids
  • Using them in healing sessions/journeys with my clients and for myself
  • Pocket rocks (oh, the many rocks I carry in my pockets could (and does) astound many people. Some day I’ll share about all the times I get searched at airports because I don’t leave home with out several of them.
  • Inspirational projects and art work and much more…
Dendritic Agate (also known as Tree Agate)
Zodiac Energies: Gemini / Virgo | Planetary Energies: Mercury
Elemental Energies: Earth | Chakra(s): encompasses all of them
Gene Key / Hexagram(s): I believe this is a great piece for all 64

If you are interested in viewing the full video of my first unboxing then I invite you to watch it here. I have more shipments coming in and will continue to share what I know and learn with anyone interested in tuning in.

What questions do you have? What are your favorite pieces that you have or perhaps just seen in the photos and/or video if you watch it?

Leave some feedback in the comments below – I would love to learn more about what lights you up when it comes to the energy of these precious gifts from Mother Earth.

Shining Through the Shadows~

** If you have a particular stone / crystal that you want to get your hands on – reach out to me. Let me know which one and your budget and I can work with you to obtain something that works for you! **


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