Spring Equinox Magic

There’s just something so magical about Spring. Let’s be real, I probably say the same thing about the others too, but after a period of rest and hibernation it’s always so spectacular to watch things wake up and blossom into what they will be through the upcoming seasons.

It’s really no different for each of us when we are offered the opportunity to tap into who we will become during the upcoming seasons but each of us probably enter into the awakening and blooming period a little differently.

I love to be outside when the calling to bloom starts but maybe you have a special place inside that you like to be!

Our new views at our new home in East Texas

Journaling is a great way to depict the intentions you want to set. I love to automatic write and I have friends who love to story tell as a way to set intentions and get flow going.

If you have a favorite book to write in then pull it out or perhaps this is the perfect time to pick out the new book. Obtaining a new journal could be just the spark you need to inspire you – maybe it’s floral or sparkly, maybe it’s earthy or a nice leather bound one, or maybe it’s just a solid shade of your favorite color with the kind of paper that makes you sigh in writers bliss.

Candle Magic is a powerful way to bring in the creativity of becoming the newest version of you and call forth what you desire. You can find candles of all colors and shapes and scents to really hone in on the intents you want to set.

Multicolor Candles for Candle Magic

Different colors can matter quite a bit when it comes what intents you are setting aflame. The flame itself has quite a few stories behind it over the ages too. Our ancestors used fire for many different purposes and then there are the stories wrapped in mythology too! Candles are a conduit of energy and this energy harnesses the power and symbolism of the four elements which are known as fire, air, water, and earth.

Examples of how colors have a purpose include red representing life force energy, protection, strength, fertility and sexuality. Green can represent the bounty earth provides to us. Some people see green as a great use for calling forth money, abundance, success, and more. Purple is used by some in regards to their spiritual work – intuition, psychic insights, connecting and channeling to other spirits.

Once you know what intentions you want to set, the version of yourself that you want to tap into, and feel the emotions and experiences that you seek to attract you can find a safe place that will not be disturbed to set your candles and light them ceremoniously. There are many resources at your fingertips to do this safely – please find those before attempting.

Crystal grids are a classic in my history of bringing in more of what I seek. Different stones, crystals, and gems have their own meanings and purpose, much like the color of candles do. I usually have crystal grids around my house year round in various areas of the home and even set some up outside in the gardens. I have used them to sell my home, attract business opportunities, enhance relationships, and more!

Crystal grid out in the woods using various stones

You can intuitively choose the crystals and stones that you want to use and set your intentions this way or know what each one represents and build a grid based on their metaphysical properties. I always tend to incorporate a grounding and protective stone into my grids like black obsidian, tourmaline, and labradorite. Clear quartz is a fantastic energy promoting stone that amplifies intentions – it’s a go to for me as well! I’ve used citrine, rose quartz, Amethyst, various calcites and jaspers too! You can mix in flowers and plants even creating a lovely altar for your grid. The options here are truly endless.

Gardening and getting down and dirty with Mama Earth can be quite exhilarating! I mean talk about a way to connect to the Spring season where everything comes back to life! You can choose plants that bring you the joy you want to experience to plant, you can spend time just cleaning out the gardens you plan to tend in the upcoming seasons as a way to set the intention to clear out what doesn’t serve you and make space for new growth, and you can pick plants that you can use in your every day life through food!

Backyard Gardening to honor Mother Earth.

This year I am actually starting over in the gardening arena because we sold our home and decided to set roots on 10 acres in East Texas. I have picked kitchen herbs to plant to use year round in my practices through food and I have medicinal herbs such as violets, comfrey, mullein, valerian, and many more that I use for healing and treating various ailments.

Then of course there are my seasonal favorites that I love to plant like my zinnias, poppies, lilacs, peonies, salvias, passion vines, and more that bring me joy to watch grow and give work to the many pollinators around.

Creating art and painting is a fun and colorful way to portray the hopes and experience you wish for! You can doodle, create abstracts while you daydream about what is to come, or paint the experiences you call forth!

I’ve picked my paint colors much like I’ve picked my candle colors choosing colors to represent specific experiences or emotions or intentions. You can also just blindly pick a color as you feel into what you want it to represent! You can create a legend on the back of your art to depict what colors you chose for what purpose for future recollections.

Music is quite the vibrational option. Nothing lights me up like music that speaks to my soul. I have metal drums, an elk drum, moose drum (and rattle), a Buffalo drum, and sound bowls of quartz and metals that I choose intuitively as I use them. I will hum or sing during my playing of these various instruments and I will even speak out as to what I’m calling forth through the tones I send out with love and light. I have even been known to record my playing so that I can use them and listen to them again in the future.

Moose Drum, singing bowls, crystals, plants and candles

Someways I reuse the music and sounds I create is when I’m painting, gardening, writing or even cleaning or cooking. I play the recordings while I am active in these practices to enhance the energy behind them.

There are many ways to celebrate Spring – even outside of what I have described above. Cooking, cleaning, taking a walk outside, a nice hot soak, and as you can imagine much much more!

How do you plan to celebrate? Do you plan to celebrate today on the Equinox or do you have another time in mind? There are no hard and fast rules on when and how to perform your celebration or practice. I’m a firm believer that hard and fast rules tend to take the fun and magic out of the experiences we are taking the time to create.

I’d love to hear from you on how you celebrate the upcoming season(s). I hope to have my celebrations up on my YouTube channel once we have completed and set them into motion.


14 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Magic

  1. Fall just like a bean because just yesterday with my little coven we celebrated Ostara with a beautiful ritual dedicated to the Goddess Eostre who brought us so much strength, beauty and emotion.

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  2. I’ve read this post with so many interest that I’m sad I finished it so fast ahahah You wrote it so well. Thanks for sharing it. – Amalia

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  3. I think it is a very important day yearly. I try to invest more in gratitude in love. I also found extra time for my family and craft that day (or so I think)

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  4. Spring has always been my favorite season as the weather is just right. I got interested in crystals when I found an Instagram account talking about how it can help raise our vibrations.

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  5. These are all some really great options. I really want to get into gardening. I am not great at keeping plants alive, but I think I just need to do some research and learn how to do it! I think journaling is another great one!

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  6. Usually, Spring is such a beautiful and empowering (late) start into the year. Sadly, last year and also this one, it’s really difficult to find positivity. Nevertheless, these are great tips.

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  7. I am already doing most of these. The only one I have not done is Crystal grids. I think I definitely need to put some around my house.

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  8. I’ve never intentionally tied my creative spark or goals to spring time but you might have convinced me. And I think my musical instruments learning is what I’m starting right away. Thanks.

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