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To the human …

… who works everyday to keep your family happy – I see you. I see how you put purpose behind your actions to create smiles and joy. I see how you find something each day to bring pleasure to your lover. I see you working full time while you try to make life as easy […]

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Shamanism – The Elements

Working with the Elements. As I underwent my Shamanic studies with a local Shamanic Community and I began doing research of my own through many books, websites, and more – I uncovered more intel on the different elements.  In this article I reference 5 different elements. I cover the the traditional four – Earth, Air, […]

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November Self-Reflecting Challenge

I started a self-reflecting card challenge for the month of November. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m exciting to share the messages with everyone. It’s supposed to be pressure free and insightful. I know that not everyone can do this every single day, right now, so I have made the commitment to do […]

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Shamanism – The Worlds

There are different worlds and elements that shamans and practitioners will utilize and venture upon. Some of the major sources of shamanic power reside with Power Animals, Teachers and guides, power objects, elements of nature and more. As you learn more about these sources and worlds – consider which ones resonate with you.  The Lower […]

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