Fundamental Exploration

It had been over a year between my Wolf Moon post and post before it.  It’s been almost a year since life for many of us was turned upside down and shaken like a snow globe… if not then thrown to the ground and shattered.

I’ve been feeling this buzzing for weeks now – changes coming, ideas popping up like new life in the spring just waiting to bloom, connections rekindling into big flames of inspiration.

I have been looking for a big move for what feels like years – Montana in 2019 shape shifted to possibly Tennessee in 2020 and on New Years Day 2021 we found our new settlement in East Texas.  One that checked all the boxes. 

We just experienced the Full Moon / Wolf Moon that encouraged us to take action, start back at the basics and be courageous in our choices and in defining who we really are.   When I consulted the Galactic Mystic about her interpretation on the Full Moon in Leo she was clear about our need of getting back to basics and about the importance of remembering the fundamentals of what makes us who we are.

As I explore what that means for me, and as my family begins to plant ourselves in our new environment – we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to tap back into the life we want to experience instead of the life that seemed to have manifested due to the shut downs and restrictions placed upon us in the last 10+ months. 

We want an environment we can grow in – space for all of us – including our newest bundle of joy, Lumen, who made her debut in October at home, in my bed, in the home my husband and I built together (with contractors of course, ha!).  We want to expand on our gardening skills we practiced last Spring, raise hens for eggs, and if my son gets his way – a horse to love on and ride (years down the road, I imagine).

We have been longing to find a place away from the hustle and bustle for a long time now but really wanted to be in an area that should we want the comforts of the suburbs (shopping, good dining, a trip for milk and bread) that we wouldn’t have to drive 45 minutes to an hour to get it. It was no surprise (to me, anyway) that when I finally said “I think I’m ready now” to the avid listeners around me, both seen and unseen, that we found the listing of the property we would drive hours to see and say yes. Within 72 hours of deciding that we wanted to move forward we had our current home sold and the whirlwind of house buying and selling began.

My lovely Peony from our Spring gardening

My family dynamics changed drastically with little warning last April. I was pregnant and my husband was laid off from his job that he had been faithfully loyal to for a decade, since returning home from Afghanistan. Our children were schooling at home full time while I continued my full time job and we began to wonder what the future was shaping out to look like. Our friend had moved in with us for a few months and we began gardening (one of our favorite parts of Spring), visiting all the local nurseries for outdoor plants and indoor plants – creating oasis’ that would light us up inside and outside of the house. We found out we were having a daughter after having two boys and began to slowly wrap our brains around the changes coming and prepare for those.

We started out in agreement that I would do a hospital birth because that is where he felt the safest should any complications arise and I had found a midwife that would assist in a hospital setting. Once shutdowns started, hospitals restricted birthing options, and my midwife wanted to induce me – I quickly fell back on my deep desire to birth my baby at home – which we did. Perhaps this birth story shall have a post of it’s own (stay tuned)

Over the Spring and Summer of 2020 my apothecary collection grew and grew with herbs I grew myself and herbs I obtained through respectable suppliers. I began making tinctures, balms, medicines, soaps, lotions, teas, and more for my friends and family. Before we knew it – I was running out of space to keep all of my herbs and creations in any one place or even just two places. We realized we were out growing our home and would need more space before Lumen was 2, if we made it that long.

Our Herb and vegetable garden beginnings
My yarrow patch

By about July, if we made it that long, we all started finding ourselves in a funk. Life became a bit drab and unexciting due to being locked down in our homes or having to wear masks to go out. My pregnancy had taken a turn because my family was no longer allowed at any of my appointments to share in the (what should have been) exciting changes and my midwife at the time had told me that the birthing plan I wanted was not going to be possible. School was just around the corner and my kids realized they would not be returning to public schools as Chris and I decided that it would be best to home school. That brought about some fun challenges, let me tell you, ha! It had its exciting moments and it’s what the F were we thinking moments – but it continues and we don’t regret our decision one bit, not even with a new infant.

During the experience of 2020 we began to lose our excitement about most things, not even the holidays brought the spark they once did. We had lost our sense of who we really were, becoming the same drabness that 2020 had become. Friendships were lost, families forced to distance from each other and forced into solitude even in health crisis’. The things about our home, our town, our environment that we used to love so much had began to fade as we realized we needed a change and we needed to be surrounded by what could foster such change.

So, here we are – exploring the fundamentals of what it means for each of us to tap back into the part of special that we are individually and as a family unit. None of us are the same as we were when we entered 2020 – the year that felt like a decade all on it’s own. We are all excited to get back to the basics and plant seeds of excitement, of change, of a future that inspires us. We feel encouraged to take action, be courageous in our choices and defining who we are, who we hope to be, and leaving space for the evolution of things that can be out of our control from time to time.

My boys Exploring

We are embracing the energies of excitement once more and you know I am “back” to tapping into the magic of life, channeling my higher consciousness, enjoying the playbook that is Human Design, playing with the Shadows, the Gifts, and the Siddhis of Gene Keys, and always learning from the cosmos that is astrology and more.

Shining Through the Shadows


Thank you for reading this piece. Should you want to dig into more of my offerings you can visit my YouTube channel, Synergistic Living, and of course continue to follow this blog.


One thought on “Fundamental Exploration

  1. 2020 was such a challenging year. And with 2021, things are still challenging but hopefully on the way to getting better/back to [a new] “normal.” You make a great point about getting back to basics and remembering the fundamentals of what makes us who we are. Strip away everything going on in the world, and you can focus more on yourself and your personal growth. BTW… love the name Lumen! 😉


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