January 28th

I haven’t written on this blog since January 2020 and what better time to begin than this gorgeous and powerful Wolf Moon 2021. The Wolf Moon has been one of my favorites since I started truly following the lunar cycles. It’s also known as the “Freeze moon”, “old moon”, “great spirit moon” and a few other nicknames over the ages of time. I always appreciate this first Full Moon of every New Year – not that I don’t appreciate the next 11 in their own ways too.

The Wolf Moon Mets the Lion this month. Oh, the ferocity of Leo with the magic of the moon seems dreamy in a way. For some of us – we are faced with the directive to be courageous – speaking up when it’s not usually your style, facing your fears and discomforts (though with discernment of course), and giving yourself credit where it is due.

It’s time to share your insights and your gifts and hone into the gratitude you have for such. Is there something you’ve been wanting to share but are keeping it on the down-low? The current energies are daring you to bring it to light. Will you take the date?

As I step back into my own gifts with a tenacity I faltered with in 2020 – I am moving with the creative energy that this Full Moon brings. I’m writing again, hence you’re reading this, I’m paying more attention to the gate transits (which is Gate 19 right now, by the way) and Gene Keys and how they are playing out around me, pulling cards and channeling into energies I have missed dearly.

One of my favorite decks that I enjoy using for insight is the Mystical Shaman Oracle created by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos. Today I inquired about the energies involved with this exciting Wolf Moon in Leo and I received the Jaguar in reverse. Much like a Lion – the Jaguar brings courage and certainty. How did 2020 jack with your sense of certainty and courage? I also couldn’t help but notice that the Jaguar card was the 28th card in the deck and well – today’s moon falls on the 28th of January.

Image from Mystical Shaman Oracle created by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos.

Jaguar has the ability to stalk shadows fearlessly without losing sense light completely. When Jaguar energy shows up in reverse it is asking us to delve into what in our lives we need to release. What baggage are you carrying around that’s weighing you down and holding you back? Think about the different areas of your life as you dive into this – love, spirituality, career, money, family/friend relationships, belief systems, sexuality, fears, etc.

Shadow work has always been a special practice to me. Many different people see shadow work a little differently and so perhaps that should be a blog post all on its own. I venture into shadow work at times like now with the lunar cycles, I play with them when I study Gene Keys and Human Design, even astrology and other modalities.

When I consulted with the Galactic Mystic about her take on these energies swirling about she shared with me that the message she was getting about this moon is all about getting back to the basics. She considers the Leo/Aquarius axis the axis of love. Giving it, receiving it, withholding, trying to control it, and all the things we do with love. So like with anything we have a blockage around, if we can get elementary about it, we can remember the fundamentals…. like remembering that we are more than a political affiliation or preference of President (if we want to use current situations as an example). How nuanced and complex we are.

If you aren’t familiar with her work – I highly recommend you check into it. You can learn more about her at https://galacticmystic.com and on her YouTube Channel at https://youtube.com/user/realananda. She offers an array of services and gifts to the public that you may find resonance with or a need for.

So – as we continue this new adventure into 2021 and embrace the energies of the cosmos – be sure to take time for self reflection and how you can harness the courage of the Lion, the grace of the jaguar, and the magic of the Wolf Moon.

Shining Through the Shadows~


Thank you for reading this piece. Should you want to dig into more of my offerings you can visit my YouTube channel, Synergistic Living, and of course continue to follow this blog.


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