It’s About More Than January 1st.

Welcome to the “New Year”. It’s the time of the year where many people begin thinking about their “resolutions” and the changes they want to make for the next 365 days or more that are heading our way.

Have you started on yours? Do you partake in the societal tradition of annual resolutions? I, personally, do not. I mean – I guess in a sense I use this time to reflect upon where I am, who I am, what I want and what I don’t want any longer. I review the circle of people that I surround myself with and start taking inventory of who around me is lifting me up and who is dragging me down.

I have a few days in the year that I recognize as energy generators for the purpose of reviewing and initiating change. I do realize and know that I can make changes any day of the year – but there are a few that stand out the most to me.

January 1st – where calendars start new. This time is a time where the Julian and Gregorian calendars refresh and marks a date of “newly found happiness” and a clean slate – an opportunity to learn from the prior year and people make changes in their lives. I recognize the significance of this date and respect it while I don’t use it to make “resolutions”.

January 22nd – this is when the sun enters the 41st hexagram and gate. In Human Design, the Rave New Year begins when the sun enters the 41st gate, which is the hexagram for the start codon in our genetics. Life moves in cycles as you can clearly see with the seasons. For many of us – right now – we still feel like we are stuck on the tarmac waiting to take of – we haven’t felt the “new year” energies swarm around us yet and that is because the energetic cycle hasn’t really taken effect yet. The cycle of experiences from 2019 are not completed yet.

When the rave I’ching makes the transit into the 41st hexagram this feeling of stalling will cease and we will propel forward – fast through the energies. So how can we best use these next few weeks to prepare?

  • Clear SpacesWhat rooms/spaces feel stagnant or too heavy? Are there items you have tucked away that you have been planning to deal with later? Do it now. Are there rooms that feel stuck and sluggish (how about your vehicle even)? Get in there and start moving things around – if you don’t have a good process for decluttering already – reach out to a friend who is or get on the web and do some research. Don’t let not knowing the “best” way – get in your way! Marie Kondo the shit out of your spaces if you need to – but make space for what is coming. Let go of things that you are just holding on to because it had sentimental value to someone else. Those someone else’s aren’t living your life. If the items don’t bring you value, positive and uplifting energies – find someone who can value them more or donate them. We can’t take our possessions with us when we die – so let’s make sure that the ones that hold us back in this life – are gone sooner rather than later. Let’s live our best life with the things that mean the most and aren’t being overshadowed by the things we wish we could get rid of.
  • Release Limiting Beliefs. Have you taken the time to tap into where you stand in your current views of life, the world, faith systems, and more? It’s time to go through a deep cleansing of releasing old beliefs that don’t serve who you are now. I know I am not the same person I was 15 years ago, 6 months ago – and even yesterday. I change as the energies change, as the world changes, and as my environments change. I once was a very conservative member of Christianity, I morphed into the curious cat who bounced from religion to religion learning what I could about each over the years and today I hold no religion as a belief system – or rather maybe little pieces of all of them. I used to think that my parents had all the answers and so what they said must be true – then I grew up and realized that everyone has their own truths. The truths taught in history – ya – those aren’t all true either. I had to release that what was taught as facts in grade school on how the world came to be as it is today are not all true. Too much corruption and power in place over the millennia have tainted the truths of the history of the world. It is what it is and I find more peace in knowing that than believing lies. What can you release as you move into the new cycle? How will you embrace the mystery of you and let go?
  • Tune In. How much time have you taken to tune into the internal wisdom you have? Have you been listening to your ever strengthening intuition? Have you set time aside to mature in your gifts? Lots of questions, I know, but these are crucial to finding the mile marker that you are currently at so you know which path you will start at. Quit letting those who don’t understand your gifts hold you back. Set a practice in place or a ritual. Are you an early riser? If so – perhaps dedicate 10-45 minutes (whatever is actually feasible and BENEFICIAL) to tune in before you start your day. If not – where do you find the most energy and quiet in your day to dedicate to yourself. This could be journaling, card reading, journeying and meditating, drinking coffee/tea on the porch in nature, a walk around the neighborhood, etc. What lights you up? Maybe it’s reading passages from a book that inspires you, maybe it’s listening to spiritual mentors on an audio book or from the web, maybe it’s sitting in the dark, alone, with no sound and listening to what comes through.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Have you heard of this yet? If not, dig in. The levels of emotional intelligence vary from person to person. How do you take care of your own emotional needs? It’s not up to others to take care of you – it’s up to you to take care of you and then surround yourself with people who support you on your path. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand why you think and act the way that you do so that you can control how your respond and act “in the moment”.  It is focusing on recognizing, understanding, and using emotions resourcefully.  It brings up an awareness of why you do what you do and the adaptability to recognize the strengths and motivations in others.

    Finish licking your wounds and let shit go. Release the old stories that no longer serve you. Just because you tried something in the past and it didn’t work – reevaluate and see what changes you can make so that it has a bigger chance this next time you try. People come and go in our lives – just because someone shares a blood line with you does not mean that they should be in your corner all the time. Consider writing releasing letters and burn them so you can begin to heal from past wounds that are holding you back from your best life. If one thing is guaranteed – it’s that we all will leave this life at some (mostly) unknown point in our journey. Make it all count. Start now.

There is another date that I pay close attention to outside of January and it is August 28th, my solar return. This is the date when the sun returns to the same position in the sky that it was when I was born. The day this life for me began is a crucial factor in when I set new intentions. It makes sense to me that my energies will ebb and flow with this cycle as it is the very first cycle I entered into (in this life anyhow).

So when I take a look at my Solar Return chart – I pull it for the location I am currently in because the choices I make will be very different based on my physical location. I could easily book travel plans according to which outcome I prefer for the next however long I want to forecast for. This, of course, is just an example of how I may use energies around my date of birth.

I use this time as a reflection of how I spent my time and my energy. Who I chose to share my life with and which parts of my life I chose to share. Did I overshare with certain individuals, are their lessons to reflect upon now at a higher level than when I was deep in the trenches living in the moments.

Today is a great day to start thinking about these things. Navigate internally and figure out what resonates with how you want to show up in the new cycles of life – after all there are more than one cycle that we can experience at a time.

Let me know what came up for you and how you plan to welcome to new cycles as they begin for you as an individual.

Shining Through the Shadows ~



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