To the human …

… who works everyday to keep your family happy – I see you.

I see how you put purpose behind your actions to create smiles and joy.

I see how you find something each day to bring pleasure to your lover.

I see you working full time while you try to make life as easy as possible for those around you.

I see you trying to keep the magic alive in your kids’ lives.

I see you trying time find joy for your self each day.

I see you making favorite dinners and trying new ones and hoping everyone likes it.

I see you washing the dishes a few at a time, putting away clutter a few pieces at a time to make the house feel better when you don’t have time or energy for a full clean.

I see you wishing you could lay in bed and let someone else get up with the kids just every now and then.

I see you looking in the mirror and observing the extra pounds, the extra lines in your face, the skin that gets looser over time.

I see you trying to keep peace between all of the frustrated humans in your life.

I see you taking extra long showers for those moments of quiet that doesn’t come often enough

I see you hiding your tears when the amount of time and effort you pour into your family, job, and friends seems unappreciated.

I see you when you find the time to meet up with the few people you consider your friends for laughs and communion.

I see you when you are struggling to find time to connect to your higher self and set space for your personal and spiritual growth.

I see you trying to make better food choices, trying to be the example for your family and slipping up a lot some days.

I see you fighting to avoid the hate and drama that surrounds social media, the office, & family gatherings.

I see you wishing that you made more time for your kids but are spread so thin that your few precious moments of “spare time” are spent scrolling through meaningless posts further creating your angst and regret.

I see you daydreaming of a life that puts you in a place of reception, a receiver instead of a constant doer and a constant giver.

I see you waking up with gratitude for your life and taking whatever steps you can into creating intentions and manifestations.

I see you trying to find time to help others who don’t know that they have the power to change their circumstances, to create boundaries of their own, and self love.

I see you struggling to keep your eyes open at night once the chaos has slowed even though you have a dinner to put up, a kitchen to clean, and a partner to show attention too.

I see you wishing for a smidgen of what you put out into the world to be given to you even though you don’t give with the expectation to receive.

I see you holding on strong when those around you are throwing daggers at you, putting you down, and telling you how much better you could be.

I see you holding those who hurt you and letting them know that you see the love in them and forgive them instead of holding yourself, licking your wounds, and reminding yourself of the love you ARE.

I see you crying alone and wishing you could be the person everyone needs you to be and still have time for yourself to be true to you.

I see you journaling and working on plans that take you away from time to time to embrace the solitude you crave more than you can get.

I see you working to become the very best version of you through all of the ups and the downs, through all of the smiles and the frowns, through all of the love and frustrations.

You are the most magical in the land – you may not feel seen – but I see you and I love you. Your light shines the brightest – dim your light for no one.

You are all that you aspire to be. The time will come to experience those pieces of yourself that you long for. I see you and others see you too even when you feel like they don’t.

Shining through the Shadows ~


Check out this song / video from Missio – I see you – click here.


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