Shamanism – The Elements

Working with the Elements.

As I underwent my Shamanic studies with a local Shamanic Community and I began doing research of my own through many books, websites, and more – I uncovered more intel on the different elements. 

In this article I reference 5 different elements. I cover the the traditional four – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water with the addition of the Ether Element as I come to understand them (which is always evolving through study and practice).

Let’s get started:

Earth Element

Earth works with the physical body and is used for grounding and is helpful for becoming calm and resting. Earth offers us fertile foundations allowing our roots to thrive and expand.   Walk barefoot and connect to the healing energies of Earth, give offerings often which can include planting new trees, tending your garden, and cleaning up the trash.

Objects associated with Earth include just about anything you can obtain from outside such as rocks, bones, dried leaves, crystals, flowers, etc.

Water Element  

Water correlates with our emotions.  Water is used for healing, calming and the ability to be more receptive.  It can help counteract too much of the fire and air elements when necessary. Staying hydrated provides our human bodies with clarity, efficient digestion, cellular cleansing, muscular flexibility, increased stamina and enhanced energy. In sacred ceremonies, water is often used to bless, purify and cleanse.

Objects for water can be pebbles, seashells, natural water captured in a vessel (not tap water).

Air Element

This Air element can impact the mind.  Think of your lungs with the air element – air will reside in your chest and your throat elevating your thoughts and working to subdue negative programming and conditioning.  Air is crucial to survival and breath work can do wonders when working with this element

Objects for air will include feathers, herbs, incense/scents all of which are transported by air.

Fire Element

The fire element is connected to our souls and spirit and works to uplift the soul.  Fire builds passion, ecstasy, and focus.  When we work with fire we are cleansing, healing, and often times trying to bring something to a state of purity again.  Fire brings light into the darkness and is extremely transformational.

Objects associated with Fire may be wooden objects, candles, fire pits, etc.

Ether Element

The Ether is the element of space, known as the “akasha” in Sanskrit. It is the essence of all other elements and is used for transcending the physical vibrations and frequencies, including sounds.  We use this element to heal, obtain wisdom and knowledge.  I have heard that it is known as the “first” element in some circles and in yoga practices they say it relates to the 5th chakra, the throat, as this element brings an awareness to self-expression and acceptance. Savasana is a great position to practice and experience the stillness of the ether element.

Objects that I personally use for this element is anything that will help me make sounds.  I use my drums, sound bowls, and rattles to help create and transcend vibrations and frequencies.

These are the elements that I work with in my practices. Perhaps try connecting with each of these elements one at a time and see which ones you work with best. Journal your experiences with each one and begin to uncover more about what resonates with you on a personal and spiritual level.

Using Elemental Items

The featured photo in this article is a photo of my mandala I created during a workshop that I attending early 2018.

Mandalas are used for meditation, as an aid in prayer and for healing. They are often made for a specific ceremony, then destroyed as portrayed Buddhist sand paintings. Not all mandalas have to be destroyed – that is the magic of doing our own practices.

During this work shop we journeyed to call back our power. I recall in one of these many (leader led) journeys we embarked upon during this workshop that with a visit to the lower world I was met by my black jaguar, owl, and peacock. The place I ended up known as my “power place” was a volcano. As we walked up the mountain/volcano I saw sat on a rock.

My guide approached me and he looked to be a native Eskimo and he simply asked me to breathe. I thought it strange to see him here at a volcano but followed his advise. When I asked him what in my life needed to be empowered – he replied that I need to trust in my inner compass and consciousness. He said that he could feel my inner turmoil and nervousness and that I needed to focus on my breath.

He mentioned that I need to focus on what is beneath my emotions – whether it is excitement or fear and embrace the calm.

It was a magical day and weekend to say the least – hard to believe it will have been two years ago before I know it! Along with the mandala that you see in the photo we incorporated other elements. During the many other journeys that we had we received messages on what we needed to collect for our mandalas and our power ceremonies. I shall talk more on this next time, perhaps.

Shining Through the Shadows~


Responsibility Disclaimer: If you have never been taught to journey by a trained Shamanic practitioner or Shaman – please do so before attempting to communicate with beings in other realms. I highly recommend researching into your local communities and finding someone that resonates with you and helps you find comfort in these practices. Your safety is of the upmost importance. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions and I will help the best I can.


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