November Self-Reflecting Challenge

I started a self-reflecting card challenge for the month of November. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m exciting to share the messages with everyone. It’s supposed to be pressure free and insightful. I know that not everyone can do this every single day, right now, so I have made the commitment to do it daily for everyone. If I’m unable to make a video – then I still take pictures of the card and transcribe the message.

The intent: Pick a card each day from your favorite deck and ask the question of the day.

I created these questions based on the moon cycles, chakras, Gene Keys, Human Design, and more. I, too, will be doing this challenge and posting readings for the collective using these questions.

Take time for yourself during this month and really ground and center yourself. Take this time to reflect upon your year, where you want to go, what changes are needed to support those dreams, and who are the right people to help.

  1. 44 Hexagram – What relationships can I let go of that are interfering with new ones?
  2. How can I strengthen my instincts?
  3. How can I communicate more effectively during this retrograde?
  4. 1st Qtr Moon – What is the first small step I can take to bring my intention into the light? How can I have fun taking this action?
  5. How can I invest more energy into myself instead of others?
  6. 1st Hexagram Transit. What can I do to transition from the Shadow of Entropy (or remain in the Gift of Freshness)?
  7. What feelings do I tend to shove down and avoid because of it’s weight?
  8. Where can I begin to practice mindful speech and actions?
  9. What am I being asked to reflect on at this time?
  10. How can I promote more relaxation in my life?
  11. What can I do to help promote more physical activity and aliveness in my life?
  12. How can I use this Full Moon to fully step into the world without fear of ridicule?
  13. What fear is causing me to operate in survival mode?
  14. How can I embrace my own uniqueness?
  15. How can I better trust my intuition?
  16. Where can I find more silence in my life?
  17. 14th Gene Key Where am I leaking energy?
  18. What desire or intention is wanting to come to life? 
  19. LAST Qtr Moon – What do I need to nurture my manifestations?
  20. Who is my support system to help me integrate the challenges that I have been experiencing?
  21. Who in my life could benefit from some extra affection at this time?
  22. Where can I find more silence in my life?
  23. 34th Gene Key How can I tap into my inner strength more consistently?
  24. Where have a given up power that I should reclaim?
  25. What can I do to help release jealous tendencies?
  26. NEW MOON – What am I carrying with me into the Next Moon Cycle?
  27. What ways can I center and cleanse my space for this next Moon cycle?
  28. 9th Gene Key How can I bring my heart back into everything I do, no matter how mundane it may feel?
  29. In what ways can I move my body today and spend time in the Beauty of my life?
  30. What new practice can I put in place for the last 31 days of this decade?

You can find the videos on the insights I receive or tune into on my YouTube Channel at and the November Self-Reflecting Card Challenge has it’s own playlist.

The playlist on YouTube for each of these days can be found here

So far, there are only two days that I was unable to make an actual video so I will include them here for you.

Day 2 ~


Be #observant and consciously aware of #beauty in all things and situations. Point out the light when others can only see darkness – and more importantly – be the light.

Choose to perceive the beauty and your instincts will vibrate at a much higher #frequency .

Deck: Mystical Shaman Oracle, artist: Jena DellaGrottaglia

Day 4 ~

1st Qtr Moon – What is the first small step I can take to bring my intention into the light? How can I have fun taking this action?

** Page of Cups**

Dreamy artist surrounded by water who is subconsciously aware and also in touch with their imagination and creativity.

At times jovial and in the flow while not oblivious to moments of depression and withdrawn as you can be deeply moved by life and also upset by it

Embrace your creativity and connection to spirit. Move through your emotions and not avoid them or move passed them in a flurry of denial. Use water as a source to renew your energies and tap into your guidance.

Have fun in this through coloring or getting into your creative side (writing, painting, carpentry, etc).

A new opportunity or project could come our way as this can card represent a new baby/new beginning and meditation and contemplation will be a good resource as we move forward.

Photo of a card from my Universal Waite Tarot deck by Stuart R. Kaplan (Author), Pamela Colman Smith;Mary Hanson-Roberts (Illustrator)

The other insights are just as fantastic on the channel. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss out on readings and let me know what card’s you draw for yourself, if you do.

Have fun with this and journal what comes up for you. It will be cool look back on our findings and accomplishments at the end of the month, end of the year, and even further into the future.

I hope you find this inspiring and energy enhancing. I would be honored to learn of how this plays out for you as you participate! The challenge is not about completing all 30 days, it’s not about doing it in any specific order for any length of time. It’s a challenge to putting yourself first this month. It’s a challenge for you to make yourself a priority and connect with yourself in the moment without the buzzing noise of life swirling around you. It’s a #dare to set time aside for #play .

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Shining Through the Shadows~



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