Shamanism – The Worlds

There are different worlds and elements that shamans and practitioners will utilize and venture upon. Some of the major sources of shamanic power reside with Power Animals, Teachers and guides, power objects, elements of nature and more.

As you learn more about these sources and worlds – consider which ones resonate with you. 

The Lower World

The lower world is where we journey to find our power animals to receive advice, information, protection during rituals, etc.  We can see in historical drawings that animals were very important.  We find art that depicts beings made from various animals all at once.  There is a male figure, often called the dancing sorcerer, that is believed to be a shamanic drawing.  This figure has ears of a wolf, the antlers of a deer, paws of a bear, and tail of a horse.  Some others call this drawing the Master of the Animals and is believed that this being embodies the essences of all the spirits of the aniamls at the same time.

This art that I refer to was found in the cave of Les Trois Freres.  There is other art in other parts of the world where beings have the heads of birds and they carry drums.

As I began to get familiar with the lower world I would find myself getting there by different means.  When you first start out trying to journey – you often feel as if you are making everything up.  You have to just let that go.  You are not just “making it up” on your own.  You are receiving intel, visions, and you are being given these insights through channels you may be familiar with as to provide peace and comfort. 

When I want to travel down into the lower world I start with a tree.  I envision this massive grandmotherly tree before me.  Think of a mix between the tree in the Avatar movie and the tree in Pocahontas.   I enter this giant portal in the trunk of this tree and I would go down this spiraling stair case with my light.  I may go down this spiral many times and I may walk into the tree, take one turn and bam I am where I want to be.

Sometimes after I go down the spiral I come out to a large body of water, or I will come out into a huge clearing with a creek running through it, or even a deep wooded area with a stump for me to sit upon.   I let this all play out in whatever form it is going to play out.  Sometimes I see one animal and others I see a gathering.   There are times when I arrive in the lower world to find answer and I am greeted by an animal with wings that flies me up into the upper world where I am greeted with the beings that wish to help me at that time.

Middle World

The middle world is where we may find other power animals or other guides.  The middle world is much like the world you occupy now.  I have done timeline hopping in the middle world so that I can revisit situations and find lessons hidden in them.  I have done timeline hopping to go back in time to take my power back that I had given away at different junctures throughout my childhood and adulthood.  Beings in this middle world can come in the form of celebrities, historical figures, cartoon characters, and even other modern day type comfort creatures.

Upper WOrld

I have visited with ancestors in middle and upper worlds. When I venture up to the upper world I will often times find myself surrounded my marble pillars and fountains.  Everything is white and surrounded by blue sky and water.  You can find deities, saints, sacred beings, mythological figures, angels and more in the upper world generally.  The upper world tends to also hold akashic records and other-worldly intel.

Print of “Norse Goddess Freya”” Print Original painting by Amanda Lindupp of Sacredpathart 2017

I recently had a journey where I met with Freya. She was absolutely glowing and full of information to help me navigate this Mercury Rx. When I arrived I was sitting on a marble bench watching a waterfall. I felt her sitting next to me and at first I thought it was Mother Mary because we often chat here in this place I found myself. Alas, I looked over and saw the energy beaming off of her I was in awe. As the goddess of all things feminine: love, sex, fertility, beauty and then also for war and death – she shared with me the importance of boundary setting and how to communicate better during this Scorpio season and Mercury Rx.

She mentioned that I need to revisit the High Priestess card in my tarot deck receive it’s message and place it on my alter and then continue on with my daily November Self-Reflecting Card challenge. She told me to make sure I am setting time aside for myself and my connections to my energetic allies each and every day.

So here I am – Day 11 now and going strong with this daily ritual I have created for the month of November. There is much guidance to be received when we set the place and time for it. So make a date and journey to meet with your guides in the lower, middle, or upper world. I’d love to hear what messages you receive!

If you want to follow the November Card Challenge – join us over at & in the Facebook group @ .

Have an awesome day – and Happy Veterans Day to all our brave men and women who have made more sacrifices than we see sometimes. A shout out to my own Veteran and husband, Chris, who is surrounded by energies of war and love and still shows up each day for the world around him. Mwah!

Shining Through The Shadows~


Featured World photo credit: This art is hung in my office and created by Nalinee Lovisuth

Responsibility Disclaimer: If you have never been taught to journey by a trained Shamanic practitioner or Shaman – please do so before attempting to communicate with beings in other realms. I highly recommend researching into your local communities and finding someone that resonates with you and helps you find comfort in these practices. Your safety is of the upmost importance. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions and I will help the best I can.


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