There’s a bug in the Matrix

44th Hexagram transit: October 31st – November 5th

Shadow: Interference
Gift: Teamwork
Siddhi: Synarchy

Interference can mean many many different things – but for me, personally, it’s a lot like the movie -The Matrix. I think about all the coding of life and where interference tends to come in and shake things up a bit.

The programming partner of the 44th Gene Key is the 24th key. The shadow of the 24th key is Addiction and when we think about it in those terms and we think about the two together with the Shadows of Addiction and the Interference – you may find that you see some of this karmic baggage that’s been trapped in to the shadows. If you aren’t becoming aware of what you’ve been trapped in for a long time and if you’re not careful, if you’re not conscious – then you’ll find yourself repeating these patterns, frozen in various repetitions, finding yourself in the same place with the same people or the same type of people. It is only when we become aware and awake that we can break apart from that.

Below you can find a recording of the 44th hexagram and Gene Key that goes into more detail.

The “key” is to actually do the work and as we work through the interference we become more aware of it then we move into the Gift of Teamwork. Teamwork is really all about knowing your tribe, knowing your earthly tribe and it’s knowing your ancestral tribe. It can be the ancestral tribe of the past or the future, because that’s where our support is. When we embrace the support, we live in the moment and we live in peace of the unknown (instead of feeling anxiety for it) we gain a sense of interconnectedness and you’re able to release the fears of old patterns.

I hope that my perspective of this key and hexagram allows you to embrace your own thoughts and beliefs around what resonates with you.

Ideas and Questions to Contemplate on:

  • Do you find that you struggle with trusting others?   Do you keep them at a distance?
  • Do you notice a pattern of unhealthy relationship habits?
  • What relationships could you benefit from completing to make space for other, healthier relationships?
  • What examples can you think of where you witnessed true teamwork in a relationship of your own or someone you know?

Shining Through the Shadows ~


credit: Rosy Aronson, PhD. (The Wisdom Keepers)

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