November Self-Reflect Challenge

Can you believe It’s already November?! The month of gratitude and togetherness for so many!

November is the best time to focus on the things in life that make us who we are and be thankful for the lessons that help shape our now.

We have 2 months left of this decade and during that time we are experiencing shifts of many magnitudes, #mercuryretrograde, and more.

Take time for yourself during the next 30 days and really ground and center yourself. Take this time to reflect upon your year, where you want to go, what changes are needed to support those dreams, and who are the right people to help.

Using your favorite deck of cards (tarot/oracle) – draw a card and ask the #questionoftheday to assist in your reflections. Journal on the questions and answers that you receive if you wish. You can take this a different route and just automatic write in your journal using these as prompts to receive the answers that you seek.

I have created a mix of questions that flow with the #hexagram transits (#genekeys #humandesign ), chakras and the #mooncycle. These questions will help us dig deeper into pieces we need to work through, release, and in some cases even celebrate.

This offers you the chance for a quiet space to tune into your #higherconsciousness and receive and uncover the answers you have been seeking and too scared to ask.

I hope you find this inspiring and energy enhancing. I would be honored to learn of how this plays out for you as you participate! The challenge is not about completing all 30 days, it’s not about doing it in any specific order or for any length of time.

It’s a challenge to putting yourself first this month. It’s a challenge for you to make yourself a priority and connect with yourself in the moment without the buzzing noise of life swirling around you. It’s a #dare to set time aside for #play.

Do you accept?

Shining Through the Shadows ~



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