Embracing the Dark Side

Gene Key 28: October 26 – October 30, 2019

Shadow: Purposelessness
Gift: Totality
Siddhi: Immortality

When I just take a second to look at the three elements of this key I immediately come to the understanding that there is never a way to reach immortality with any sense of purposelessness. Immortality, as I can imagine, may be a hot topic depending on your belief system.

As we have learned during our life journey – there are forces that slow us down from reaching our purpose and this key’s shadow represents our archenemy in this scenario because if we can’t beat the shadow we may never reach or follow our purpose . 

The dark side of humanity is bred from the shadows of the 28th.  While you may immediately run to the negative when reading “the dark side” stop and think about how it has impacted our species for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Fear of death has provided the instinctual behaviors we have that contribute to each persons power of survival.

Oh, that fear of death.  Something so crippling is also the very reason we strive to live longer lives and find reasons to do so. You find risk and creativity through facing this very deeply engrained fear.  When we allow our minds to control us (and we all do it) we allow it to trick us into thinking avoidance is the only recourse. This fear also lives behind our fixed philosophies – those ones who tell us how to live and how to avoid immortal punishment after our lives end. 

Where our fears in the past and in some countries revolve around physical destruction through starvation and wide spread illnesses – it is explained in the 28th shadow, that it has evolved to a fear of purposeless in wealthier countries. 

We see people that are are so fearful of living a life with no purpose and others who don’t even want to think about their purpose because then they can’t fear never getting there – they can bypass looking into their deepest fears. 

The Program Partner is the 27th key which contains the shadow of Selfishness.  Woah, okay – so perhaps it’s not so far of a stretch to tie in how Selfishness can play a huge part in the decision of whether we will go for our dreams or not.  With so much criticism and fear of judgement – people don’t want to come across selfish.  

The 28th key is deeply rooted in vibration and sound and it’s no surprise that the Shaman operates in vibration and frequency.  Shamans and practitioners know that while they cannot rid a person of their fears they can work to help others find the source of their fears, identifying them so that they can be used for the highest good.

Gift: Totality

When we are able to live and experience both the pleasures  and the pain – the excitement and the fear – we find the Gift of Totality.  Totality occurs in the balance of extremes. When we aren’t focused on the future, when we can experience life in the now , in the present and live life as it happens – we experience and live this Gift.

In the shamanic world we would call this soul work – surrendering to the magic of life – the mystery behind all that is.  You start to see life as a game with challenges and wins and as such, we are able to tune into our guidance and our intuition.  When we make the choice to serve something greater than ourselves – we tend to find purpose in life and what’s more mysterious than that simple truth?

When we released the fear of death – we begin live consciously.  We postpone living a fulfilling life, if not halting it altogether, when we succumb to the fear of dying without accomplishment.

We all play a role in the game of life – as long as we commit to our role in totality – we can experience the mystery of it all.

Siddhi: Immortality

The Siddhi of this key is the one thing humans have wished they could achieve since the beginning of time.  Immortality.  We tend to focus on immortality with our own human limitations.  I mean – often we say “forever” but literally have no concept of that measurement. 

To reach this Siddhi is to become mythical. Reaching this Siddhic state is to be the ever burning light that casts out the fears and darkness.  Richard says that “The animal kingdom of our planet constitute an awareness that already operates in the immortal field and whose sacrifice suggests an evolution even higher than our own. “

That resonates at such a deeper level for me that I think I’ll take this into journey to the lower world and percolate on it with my animal guides.  I spend much time in the lower level and can feel the power of their awareness and immortality – I have mad hopes that humanity evolves into this state.

Where is this key in your hologenic profile? And if it’s not in your profile – I’d love to hear about how this key is playing a part in your journey.

Shining Through the Shadows ~


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