Gene Key 50

“The Cauldon” in transit from October 21st – October 25th

Shadow: Corruption
Gift: Equilibrium
Siddhi: Harmony

Sometimes it takes me a minute to be able to articulate some of the Gene Keys as I am right in the middle of experiencing them alongside you. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get this post in before we moved into the next transit but alas – here we are now.

Corruption. Seems like a pretty good example of what a shadow would be in life. We see corruption in many areas of life – the political world, most definitely, the business world, in religion, education, and our own relationships at times. When we begin to dissect this deeper and narrow it down further – we can hone into the idea that corruption lies where human comparisons and competition begin.

Corruption is noted as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power. As we know life is made up of many vibrations and frequencies. Richard points out in his book that when frequency running through a whole society decreases, chaos (3rd GK shadow) and corruption rule. There have been so many isolated groups, tribes and societies that have prospered and lived peacefully through their higher frequency filled lives.

There are natural laws and man-made laws that dominate humans and how our lives are governed. Our tendency as humans is to operate in hierarchies – which is common mammalian behavior. Because this is our nature – we have allowed these social hierarchies to create levels of comparisons and competitions. With these hierarchies come power.

Power. When I think of power I start to think of greed, jealousy, mal-intent and the ever suffocating need to be on top and be the holder of the power. In the wrong hands – or minds – some of our fellow humans believe that they are nothing without power and they must have it to survive on this planet. Scary, right?

Corruption comes to us in many ways and channels and as early as birth. It can be in the form of your parents. Perhaps they corrected your spirit when you tried to experiment with your own belief systems – your questioning what has been forced upon you – you end up shut down and you are told to believe in a certain religion or belief system (insert their fear tactic here on what would happen if you didn’t).

Your ability to re-think has been corrected over and over at an early age. As we navigate through our adolescence we embark on this in other ways through peers and teachers who are firm in their beliefs and expectations and offer a closed minded approach to change and challenges from others. Perhaps these people are stuck in the repressive side of this shadow or maybe even the reactive side which sent you tailspinning into confusion and despair at times.

The repressive humans are terrified of the hierarchy that we live under, period. They suffocate under the weight of the world and their social expectations. They believe that it is their responsibility to fix society and whatever way they think their part to play in that and are still fearful of that role.

On the reactive stage we have those corrupt political/powerful figures. These are the people who do not take responsibility for their actions and the results that happen in society because of their actions. These are the types of humans who embrace the shadow as a way of life because of the gains that they receive such as money, power, status, and much much more. These people do not look at life as a thing that they can enhance but as a thing that they can control. I bet you know one or two of these people.

Just to take corruption to very normal day-to-day aspect – let’s talk about the corruption that technology is having with basic humanity. Because of these smart phones and other electronic avenues that we all have – we lose real connections with real people. We lose the face to face time, we lose the spirit to spirit in the same space connection. We see this more and more as these younger generations are moving into adulthood. They don’t even know how to approach people, to talk about basic human concepts, in many cases they don’t even know how to approach a person in relationships, in the dating realm, or more. They are scared to be ridiculed publicly because everything is shared on public forums and people are not allow to be authentically themselves. We have given entirely too much power to our technology which feeds the deeply embedded corruption within all of us.

Corruption is a break in the original and natural code of life. It doesn’t have to be just in the form of bad humans – though that is definitely a by-product of the corruption in the cod, the matrix.

Equilibrium is achieved when both the individual and the group are balanced and receive exactly what they need – they each have a purpose entwined with each other. It’s like the artist painting on the canvas. They know the shades, the textures, techniques and everything that is needed to bring the art to life. The art cannot exist without it’s parts.

It’s also like the chef who knows exactly what is needed for a recipe and exactly how much is needed to bring to the entire meal into existence . Each ingredient a purpose as does the entire meal.

If we take the 59th key into consideration here which is the shadow of Dishonesty and the Gift of Intimacy – we can start to see how Intimacy is the key to creating equilibrium. No true equilibrium can come to be without allowing true intimacy and honesty to clear out all of the hidden agendas and bring them out to the open. We can start this process with our youth, our own children.

To simply put this Gift into perspective – it takes us as individuals to create the shifts within the groups. We can make strides at work, at home, in parenting, in social settings, by finding and demonstrating our own balances. This is where we can carry radiance in the masses – because others will begin to do the same. As we begin to trust ourselves -we create trust from others who then find trust in themselves and before we know it – the group has shifted.

I think it’s important to note that we all bounce between our gifts and shadows from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that. We all go through the ebb and flow of life and it won’t always be rainbows and puppy dogs.

As we encourage the constant balance of opposites – the scale evens out and one side won’t be any greater than the other. Harmony just is. Harmony isn’t something that is created – it is something we join and we enter into. To reach this siddhic state as humans is to eliminate all that separates us. We melt all of that together and combine it. As the Siddhi is achieved within in one person you start to see the Gift of Equilibrium become more apparent in the group. Remember – the individual is just as important as the group. We are each so powerful – we just have to be conscious of where this power is coming from and where we intend to use it. Using it for personal gain takes you right back to the shadows and we get to embark back on the journey to creating balance and living in harmony.

Shining Through the Shadows ~



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