6th Gene Key

gene key 6 canva


GENE KEY 6: Bringing in the light through the experience of conflict. What do we learn and how do we grow – a popular question here at home that has been ingrained in my very spirit through my friend and mentor – Jennifer.

We have an opportunity to commit to the moment and face a deeper part of our being. Our relationships are the lightening path to opening our hearts and move energy in powerful ways.

Do you have this key in your Hologenetic Profile? If you are interested in more of this visit my group at www.LivingAuthentically.com where I offer a mini introduction into Human Design and Gene Keys. 

I had the honor of hosting a Live video in a private Facebook group last night and wanted to share, here, it with my tribe.  I’d be delighted to learn about your experiences with the 6th Gene Key – you can find the survey here.




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