Discovering Your Sacred Signature

Remember that time when you wished for a manual – the secret to understanding this life as a human?  Oh, okay – so it wasn’t just that one time – it is a thought that has crossed your mind more than once, just like me.

As I have embarked on my own personal journey in life human experience I have discovered two systems that go hand in hand – Human Design and Gene Keys.  I became so enthralled by the magic of these systems that I dug in deep and came back out in a state of understanding, a new perspective, and the ability to reflect upon the choices I have made so that I can make better ones next time.

Over the past two months, I created a Free Online 5 Day Challenge to Discover Your Sacred Signature.  I journaled my experience in learning my Human Design type, strategy, signature, and Not-Self Themes, I noted my shadow sides, my gifts, and my siddhi’s and then I turned it into an offering that I would publish and provide to everyone, world wide, completely free.

I was in a state of awareness and thought that if I was able to find such power and enlightenment in learning my Human Design and Gene Keys – I could only imagine what offering a structured platform could do for the many others who came across the knowledge.

I now understand what has been holding me back on an unconscious level, I am working through those shadows now. – Testimonial from 5 Day Challenge

As I underwent the challenge again with a beautiful group of people – I uncovered more about myself, my gene keys, my design.  Each time that I give myself the space and time to self-reflect I come out more powerful and more consciously aware.  It was such an amazing experience to watch the many others discover their designs and resonate with the different aspects of their authentic selves.   We did this in a live format on Facebook.  Each Day we would share something we learned about our charts, our designs, and our selves and each day it was nothing less than empowering.

The Human Design system uses the 64 codons of the human genetic code, 64 hexagrams of the I Ching tool, astrology, and the Chakra system.  Where as in astrology we are lumped in together and classified as the same as those who match our zodiac sign – the details in the human design gives us insight into the imprints of our genetic thumbprints.

Our designs are consistent through life even as we are exposed to and conditioned by our life experiences and the other people that we meet.

Human Design and Gene Keys are tools for understanding and accepting yourself exactly for who you are. It’s a great relief, and these are powerful tools for growth, depth and happiness. – Testimonial from 5 Day Challenge 

If you too, are open to learning about your Human Design and Gene Keys – please visit and experience the challenge for yourself.   There is a Facebook Group where you can find me and many others who share their designs, keys, and much more about our journeys and experiences in discovering and honoring our authenticity.  If after your challenge, you are interested in learning more – please reach out to me as I also offer private Human Design and Gene Key readings as well.

Shining through the shadows,


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