Practice Self Love

Self Love.  What is it and how do we do it?  It’s hard to imagine in a world where we are expected to put others first and show them the most love – that we too deserve as much love or not more than what we give others.

How often do we serve our own best interests? Do you really know what is in your best interest or do you just think that you know?  We are known as humans to make decisions based on our perception of the many situations that we find ourselves in.  Our perception at any given time is just that – our perception.

The recognition that we do not understand this concept is the first step to undoing out false ideas – or the ideas that don’t really serve us and our best interests. Perhaps you were told it is selfish to put your wants above others. Maybe you were taught that as a mother it is selfish to want to spend time away from your children, that as a child you do not have the right to advocate for yourself in what you want or think you need, or that how you want to spend the holidays is irrelevant because tradition overrides your dream of taking an exotic vacation and relaxing.

Learning is change. We live in a world where most people follow instead of lead – where it is common to stand within the crowd instead of outside of it.  Have you give yourself a time out to ponder into why you habitually make some of the decisions you make or believe the things you believe in?  Are you allowing traditional beliefs to dim your sight and warp your vision of what you want out of life?

The idea for today is to not see your world as you have always seen it. Take off the blurred lenses that hold the familiarity of your life at home, at work, with your family, and during your alone time.  See the world as if it were new to you – your feelings aren’t forced, your emotions aren’t out of control, and you own the space that you are in – at all times.

Let go of judgments that are based on what you have been taught, of what you think you have proven as fact through your existence, and the thoughts that have caused you discomfort and strife.

Today – let go of the past even for just 5 minutes and give yourself the opportunity to envision what your dreams are for the live you want to live.  Find a quiet place that brings you peace – a walk in the park, a warm bubbly bath, or maybe even a dark room with music playing softly in the back ground. In this place – give yourself the chance to open your mind to what could be and what you desire on a soul level. Give yourself a chance to see your world in a way that you have never seen it before.

Take some time and may write what you see, feel or think down or maybe just say it out loud – bring some awareness to it and let yourself feel for a few minutes.

Sometimes I find my peace when I just remind myself of the Serenity Prayer – though I am of no set religion – I still find comfort in saying my own version of this –

I grant myself the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Give yourself permission to step out of your familiar bubble of chaos and habits – grant yourself the time to see things from a different perspective and honor yourself above all others for at least 5 minutes.  You are worth it.

You are love and you are loved.



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