Power of Perception

Our perception is our projection.

We all have a story, a perception of how life has been for us up until now.  You may have a story for what hasn’t happened yet – a story full of dreams and expectations.   What memories do you focus on the most from your childhood, past relationships, and life experiences? Do these memories and perceptions of what happened bring you joy, do they bring you peace and a smile when you think on them and share them with others – or do they bring your energy down, fill you with regret, shame, and other emotions?

I have a story – heck, really I probably have a few stories that I carry around in my head.   There are times I think back and wonder what life may have been like had something been different – my reactions, my thought-process, my perception of the events at the time – we all do this from time to time.

I challenge you to consider your story and revisit the situation(s) with new eyes – a new perception.

When we are so focused on the story that we are making up in our head – we’re only allowing ourselves to see that story play out.  Your perception is only what you allow it to be until you make the choice to set a new one in your head and allow yourself to dig into what truth is behind your outlook and expectations.

All of our stories and experiences have shaped who we are now.  Sometimes, though not always, we are the victims in our stories.  These perceptions that we continue to carry with us tend to keep us in a never ending cycle of similar stories.  Energy flows to where our attention seems to go.  What we place the majority of our thoughts and feelings on seems to come back around to us and manifest before our very eyes. I believe that when we turn inward we have the ability to relive some of these experiences and have an opportunity to change the way we see those experiences – we may even be able to uncover what lessons we left behind back in the story the first time it played out.  What would the point of this be, you ask? Why would we want to relive some of these stories that left us hurt, shameful, sad, angry, and more?

Let’s consider that the slightest trigger can send us back to this story, this lesson – why does this seem to happen all the time?  Perhaps you didn’t learn a pivotal lesson the first go and it just keeps repeating or you are easily triggered back into the first time you experienced this story.

I am a firm believer that we can change our story – change our outlook on what happened with a new set of eyes and thought processes.  We can change out the current book of our life and start a new one, rewind the movie in our head and record over it with a new fresh perspective.  What are the many possibilities that could be there for the situation?

It doesn’t take much for us to shift our perceptions – it can be one simple change in our routine.  It can be at work – choosing to rise above the drama that you succumb to or a shift to see your family with love instead of complete frustration and … it can be as simple as choosing to ignore and turn off the news and social media outlets that bring you down instead of lift you up.

Something I have done recently for myself is remove the Facebook app from my phone.  I spent too much time scrolling through some of the most outrageous comments, slowly losing faith in humanity.  It made no sense to do that instead of spending time with my family, reading something uplifting and motivating in a book or online, or even just relaxing my mind and staying in the moment before me.  It has made an amazing difference in my day to day life – I smile more and can’t judge the people I didn’t even know for saying what I found to be absurd and unnecessary.  Trying to keep up with everyone else’s lives were keeping me from living mine to the fullest.

If you harp on the thought that someone at work is going to ruin your day, that they are going to pick at you and annoy you  – what you are really doing is prepping yourself for a reaction to a situation that hasn’t happened yet and wasting energy on something that isn’t bringing you peace, joy, or compassion of any kind.  How is that going to work for you and your goal for the day?

I did this just the other day, I was absolutely miserable from the time my eyes opened until I went to bed that night.  I played out in my head – a co-worker intentionally throwing things my way to make a point and shove their sense of authority over me – and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t manifest that exact scenario.  If we are expecting a blowout at home or our children to defy us – then we are just bringing that hostile reaction to reality – letting it take over our energy and allowing the law of attraction to ensure it happens.

Create a movement to break the shackles of living between “no longer and not yet” – to leave the past where it happened and the future where it belongs.  Decide to stay present in the now – the moments where we belong and make the biggest impact.

We are always changing as is our history.  As author Brene Brown says “love yourself and own your own shit.”  Accept the challenge to revisit and edit your story – experience the freedom that comes with taking back your own power over your life. Allow yourself to dig in and uncover your truth.

The most powerful thing we can do to stay in our authenticity is finding our truth and living it.   Allow yourself to feel and be curious into why things happened or are happening now. Uncover and examine your memories when you feel the pull to reflect on what use to be.  Give yourself love as your work through what isn’t serving you anymore through the fear and old belief systems.

I find that when I look back upon my past – I find lessons that created the adaptability that I possess now, the ability to think before I speak and respond instead of react.  One thing that I have always wanted to be able to praise myself on is being authentic, being me through all situations I find myself in.  That may mean that one minute I am walking the talk as I have written here and the next I am reacting through emotions instead of responding through compassion and understanding.  The human factor will get the best of all of us at some point – we will get emotional and tell the rational side of ourselves to shut up and screw off.  We will get raw and we will get dirty – but then we will find our way back to our inner truth – changing our perspectives back to peace and compassion for ourselves and for others.

Take a chance and use the power you hold within to make a pivotal change in your life, I dare you.

May you find your peace and truth once more  –


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2 thoughts on “Power of Perception

  1. Thank you for your post. I wonder if we should embrace our story. Then accept that we have the power to continue writing it. Sometimes it can feel like people are writing your story for you. Their words are stifling and make it hard to live. Something freeing comes from knowing what has been and that something new can come. That knowledge is particularly powerful when your story is filled with hurt and hardship.

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  2. We always have the power to continue evolving and writing our stories. People write their own versions of OUR stories in their heads but don’t have to validate them or give them the attention that is sought out.

    Our stories will have hurts and hardships but then with effort and drive – the freedom does come through, as you mentioned, and we change the direction of our stories and the paths and adventures we embark on. We ALWAYS have a choice and those choices are the stepping stones to where we will go next.


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