Rewrite Your Story

Resentment builds a wall stronger than steel and builds a connection to the very person you are resenting.  Why do we want to remain connected to those we are resentful of? Break down the wall and set yourself free.

Change the cycle – experience your own story and not the story built for you as a child.  We have to grow ourselves up as healthy beings, heal within to set free the abandonment, the pain, the let downs, and the fears of it happening repeatedly.  You are not those experiences, those “things” – so quit putting those vibes into the universe.

Find a different story – let go of the toxic relationships – as this is an act of self care.  Are you willing to grow up inside to set forth the life you want and desire?  Are you willing to manage your exposure and set boundaries to the things that hold you back from being the you – that you really are?  Or … do you want to stay a victim of your past – the life you resent?

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” Richard Bach

I heard a term Sunday called “Re-Parenting”.  Re-parenting is giving up the resentment in which you hold so fiercely to.  It means becoming your true self – who you want to be and what you needed and wanted in life that you did get.  Once you give what you desire – you will heal within and become the you – that you really are.

The best gift you can give to your loved ones … your children even – is to “see them” for who they are as a person.  They are not you, they are not the generation we grew up with as they are themselves.  They cannot fit into a box – they will not allow us to put them in a box – and they cannot be categorized.

To unconditionally love them is to build a foundation with them – to see and understand the truth of another person – to understand the needs and wants of each other and hold the ability to look through the constant disarray and the tugging back and forth of each person’s needs –  moving easier through the human factor and the spirituality of life.

When I heard these questions – it hit a nerve with me and I am sure it will with you too –

  • Why is it that we are polite to strangers but not our own family?
  • Why is it that we fight the urge to snap at others at work, we fight the irritability and the anger and crankiness in our lives with others on a day to day basis – but at home you don’t offer the same courtesy to your partner, spouse, or children?
  • Why do you think that it’s permissible to allow your triggers to become you at home around the people you love the most?

Don’t you think that is a little backwards?  Do you honestly believe that at the end of the day these strangers, these co-workers, these bosses and acquaintances will have your back, your best interest at heart?  Or do you think the family that you have created and built will show you the unconditional love that you deserve? “Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.” 

I began attending Dallas Center of Spirituality earlier this year and so many of the topics discussed are hitting so close to home for me. I cannot take full credit for all of the quotes and thoughts – but I took many notes and wrote how it made me feel.  I am compelled to share the thoughts and feelings that came to me as I know this will resonate with so many of you.

My dream of becoming a success coach did not happen overnight.  For years, other have been coming to me for a non-judgmental listening ear and unbiased feedback – so I have decided to follow this path to help many more.

Change your story, rewrite your past, and watch your future unfold. If this interests you- feel free to reach out to me.  We all experience life differently so that we can use our stories, our exposures, and our hearts to help guide others on their path.


Namaste – 



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